Running coupon giveaways is an important marketing tactic you can utilize to gain traction and get more subscribers to use your store/product. On Subbly you are able to easily create coupons which can be afterwards redeemed by your customers at the checkout. 

How do I create a coupon?

In order to create a coupon you need to login to your Subbly admin and navigate over to Marketing > Coupons (or simply click HERE). 

This is where you'll see an overview of all currently created coupons as well as be able to create a coupon by clicking on the button in the top right corner (Create New+)You'll be taken to the coupon creation wizard where you need to populate the necessary information about the coupon(s) you're creating.

Note that it's not possible to create coupons in bulk, each coupon will need to be created separately. 

Explanation of each particular field on the coupon creation step is explained below:

  • Name - name of the coupon you will see on your Subbly admin, this is not visible to the customer.
  • ID - actual string of characters the customer will use to redeem the coupon while on the checkout. 
  • Type - you can choose whether the coupon will apply a % discount or straight $ deduction from the grand total on the checkout. 
  • Duration - duration of the coupon, ie., for how many periods will it be active after it's redeemed on the checkout
    • Once - it will only apply to the first purchase
    • Forever - it will apply a discount for every transaction/renewal for the lifetime of the customer. 
    • Multiple - it will apply a discount to X number of months after customer subscribes. 
  • Redemption limits - set the date range for when the coupon will be active as well as the total number of times coupon can be redeemed (for example, it can be redeemed for 50 times before expiring).


Are coupons applicable to one-time products as well?

Yes, they are 😊

Can I limit coupon usage per product?

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. All coupons created and active on your store are applicable and can be used on all product checkouts. 

My coupons are not working on the checkout..

Please make sure that customer is using the correct coupon ID and that he/she is applying it in the appropriate field on the checkout as in the picture below.