If you're wanting to process a refund for customer's payment you can do that from inside your Subbly admin as well. đź’ł

In order to process a refund you will first need to locate the problematic order which resulted as the outcome of a payment in question. Remember

Order on Subbly is created only once the transaction has gone through

So you need to navigate to Customers tab on your admin, search by the customer's name or email and enter the customer profile. 

From within, you need to navigate to the Orders tab and locate the order ID in question and access the order slip itself. 

Next up, you need to click on Refund button in the top right corner of the order slip as in the picture below. 

From the contextual menu, choose whether you'd like to process a refund of the whole amount or only partially. Simply use your keyboard to enter the amount needing to be refunded.

Click OK and refund will be processed. 

Important considerations

Refunding an order does not cancel associated order as well. If you'd want to cancel/archive the order as well you can do that as explained here

You can still process refund from Stripe admin as well, but it's more convenient to do that directly from Subbly admin (no need to juggle between two apps to do this).