As you may or may not already know, after roughly 6 years of service of the initial billing engine we've introduced the new, much more stable and scalable version of the billing engine - Billing Engine v2 ("BEv2" from now on). If you're still on the fence and wondering why it's mandatory for you to switch as soon as possible to BEv2 and you're wondering what's in it for you?, we've compiled a couple of things you should know about why it's necessary for you to make the switch. Read on...

❗Before we proceed with some important stuff here, just make sure to read about the new features and functionalities accessible only on BEv2 in a separate article here

What are the main benefits of switching to BEv2?

  • New billing engine is much more stable and much less error prone. It is also able to withstand larger volume of transactions at given time which makes it a perfectly scalable solution for your business as it grows as well as other Subbly users. 
  • BEv2 infrastructure puts much more control in our company's hands which means that our engineering team will be able to troubleshoot and deal with possible issues and bugs 🐛 much more efficiently. 
  • All applications and features from this moment going forward will be exclusively built for and accessible only for merchants who are on BEv2. BEv1 will not support any of the upcoming features and improvements and the tech support for it will be discontinued at some point in the future. Date is still TBD. 
  • Some of the features which are already included on BEv2 and are unavailable for the customers who are presently on the BEv1 would be: advanced analytics, more automations triggers, Chartmogul integration, new Zapier app with plenty of new triggers and more detailed data payloads in webhooks etc...
  • New version of Billing Engine is completely SCA ready
  • Multiple payment gateways including PayPal will be accessible on BEv2 very soon
  • Cheaper because you won't need to use Stripe's Billing product which is an additional 0.4% (depending on where are you based and what type of account you have on Stripe)

What happens if I don't switch to using BEv2?

If you fail to migrate to the new version of BE as instructed, likely repercussions of lack of taking appropriate action would be one (or all) of the following 👇

  • Some (EU) card payments will start being declined as per newest SCA regulations which will drive the churn up 💳
  • You won't have access to the new features as they will be related and built only for the BEv2 going forward
  • Technical support will no longer be available for the old version

Keeping all of the above into mind, you will likely be forced to switch to the new version at some point, but we will define and put migration process in place and give reasonable amount if time for everyone to prepare the migration and do the migration whenever deem appropriate and suitable. 

For complete and detailed list of differences in the terms of features and functionalities provided between BEv2 and BEv1 please see 👉 HERE.