If you're wanting to remove reference to Subbly from both the checkout and from the customer login area, we suggest you consider opting for the whitelabeled solution we offer ­čśÄ

What does whitelabeling do?

Whitelabeling will ultimately remove the Empowered by Subbly reference you're seeing in the footer of your checkouts and on your customer login area, as well as Powered by Subbly caption in the footer of your templates if you're using Subbly's website builder. 

This will not, however, host your product checkouts and customer login area on your custom domain (we're working on improving this option in the future). They will still be accessible only on Subbly's URL's for now.

How to opt for whitelabeled solution?

You can request enabling this add-on from your admin by going here

Please note that whitelabeling is currently charged an additional $19/mo in addition to the regular monthly price of the subscription.