One of the most common questions we're getting is how to localize, ie., translate the checkout fields and the rest of the fields on the customer login area for example. Lots of our customers are serving the customers worldwide and needs their UX localized. 📚 This is quite easy to do using the integration we have with Bablic.

Bablic is a 3rd party app we integrate with for the purpose of translating and localizing the store. You can easily integrate with Bablic from the App Store here by clicking on the Install & Configure button beneath the Bablic icon. 

From the subsequent window, you will need to simply copy and paste the javascript code which you'll get from Bablic. 

❗ Please note that all actual translation and setup needs to be made directly on the Bablic admin, and not on Subbly. 

Since Bablic is a separate entity from Subbly, using Bablic comes at additional pricing of using their service. You can check on the Bablic's pricing here