Inside your Subbly dashboard, you can often times see various labels explaining the status of customer's subscriptions. Here are the meanings of those labels. 

SYNCING - has to do with the nature of integration between Subbly and Stripe. All customer profiles are both hosted inside Subbly and in Stripe. This has little to nothing to do with the actual customer subscription and shouldn't present a problem of any kind.

SKIPPING - shows that customer chose to skip a payment and is currently skipping the payment. You can read more on the skipping functionality here

PAST DUE - this is an indicator that customer has one or more invoices overdue and that Stripe is actively retrying to process the charge on the customer's account. 

❗ When customer is in PAST DUE status, there are certain consequences of shifting the renewal date for this customer. Please note that changing the renewal date for the customer does not automatically cancel the outstanding invoice and that this may result in payment processing nevertheless. 

ACTIVE - means that this customer has an active subscription with your store.

CANCELLED - self-explanatory 😊

PRE-ORDER - this indicates that customer had pre-ordered a product/subscription, ie., he/she finished the checkout on a product that is still available for pre-order and that his/her subscription will start at some future date when the pre-order end date has been reached. You can read more on how pre-ordering functionality works here

COMMITTED - means that customer checked out on a product that has commitment period attached to it. You can read more on the commitment period here

NEW - shows recently created customer (last 24-48 hours)

GIFT - shows that customer checked out using the gift functionality and that orders will be created with the gift recipient's name appended to it. See here for more on gifting. 

NOT STARTED - this means that customer's subscription hasn't started yet (probably checked out as a gift and set subscription to start at some future date). Changing customer's subscription at this point is not possible until the subscription actually starts. Customer can still cancel their subscription if they change their mind.

SET TO CANCEL - means that customer opted to cancel his/her subscription after the commitment period for the product ends.