We get this pretty common on support chat 😊 For more info on how they can login to their customer portal and manage their subscription kindly see here. Read on to find out how they can change the password associated with their account. 

Changing the password from inside customer login area

If they are looking into changing password on their customer portal they'd need to do the following:

  • login to their customer portal
  • click on Manage
  • on the following screen, click on Account Settings (billing, email, password) link in the lower left corner of the screen
  • setting they're looking for is presented in the picture below 👇

Forgot Password procedure

❗ Due to security reasons, manually changing or updating customer's passwords on the admin side is not possible

If they forgot the password and are unable to login to their account, you should advise your customers to do the following:

1. Go to the login screen and click on Forgot Password link under the Login button

2. When prompted for it on the next window, they should input the email address where system will send a reset link

❗ At this point, after they input the email address and submit, no prompt will appear so they should just check their inbox for the reset link. 📩

3. From here on, they should check their inbox for the email containing the reset link and they'll need to follow the reset link (please note that reset link is available for only a limited time so they'll need to do everything within an hour or so)

4. They will be taken to the screen where they'll need to declare and repeat the new password, after which they'll be logged in to their account with their password changed. 

And that's it 👍 Make sure to provide all the support necessary for them to understand and to go through the process step-by-step.