Product creation process can get tricky given all the functionalities and features that we offer. In this article, we'll cover the fundamentals of product creation process on Subbly (applicable to subscription products, as one-times are pretty much straightforward 😊)


As this is rather a long read ahead and in case you're more comfortable with video instructions instead, we've recorded them for you here 👇


In order to commence product creation process on Subbly, you'll need to be logged in to your Subbly account and do that from here. On Subbly, you're able to create both subscription or one time products.

  • Subscription product - type of product that is being handled on a recurring basis (customer is renewed every X days/months for subscription, depending on the product setup). Can't be set to auto-cancel itself, and needs to be cancelled on either customer or merchant's side. 
  • One time product - is just a one-time offering that doesn't renew as is the case with the subscription product. It's like having a regular product on shelf inside the store which your customers can buy from you (not subscribe to it).

4-step process explanation

Creating a subscription product on Subbly flows through 4 different steps. We'll explain each one in more detail below 👇

Step 1 - Basics

This step contains the following fields:

  • Upload an image field (JPG or GIF images are supported, make sure that they are equal or less than 1MB in size ❗);
  • Description of the product - this will appear on the product pages on your Subbly site, however, description willnot appear anywhere on the checkout pages;
  • Slug - this is a dynamic and automatically generated value which depends on the product name given (for example, if your product is named as Awesome Productautomatically generated slug for the product (product's unique URL) will be
Step 2 - Billing and Shipping Terms

This is where you actually set billing/shipping term of your product (how frequently will you be shipping and charging your customers for selected product), price of the product, and other important features of the subscription product you're offering. 

In order to add pricing plan for a given product, you should click on the add pricing option button first (as in the image below). Please note that you're able to add as many pricing plans/options for the same product as you want. For example, you can offer the same product on both monthly and quarterly basis (charged monthly or quarterly, with different prices). Options added here will be displayed on the checkout for the customer to choose his/her desired setup and frequency.

Closer explanation of certain fields on the step 2 to follow below 👇

How often will you be shipping to your customers? - you can setup the actual shipping interval for your product (for example, once a week or once every 2 months). 

How often will you be billing your customers? - same as the above, only regarding to billing.

❗ As of now, you won't be able to bill more frequently than you ship (for example, you won't be able to bill your customers on a monthly basis, whereas you're shipping the actual product only once a year).

 Set renewal, cut off and rebilling date functionality is applicable only in the case of subscriptions that both renew and are shipped monthly (billing set to monthly, and shipping set to monthly) in which case you'll be able to set dates through the calendar prompt as displayed on the picture below. 

For additional info on how cut offs and set renewal dates are handled, refer to the article 👉 here

For additional info on how setting up seasonal subscriptions are handled (situation when you're shipping only on 4 exact dates throughout the year, example, 1st of Jan, 1st of April, 1st of July and 1st of October), refer to the article 👉 here.

All other cases and shipping/billing combinations are always handled on an adhoc basis. For more clarity on how adhoc billing is working, please refer to the article 👉 here

Price - base price of the product which will be charged on a recurring basis. This price can be increased based on the survey settings (see step 4). 

Shipping fee - shipping fee charged to the domestic customers (adds up to the price).

International shipping fee - shipping fee charged to the foreign customers (adds up to the price).

Commitment period - adds a commitment term to a product. For explanation about this feature, please refer to the article 👉 here

❗ Please note that commitment term does not set subscriptions to auto cancel themselves after X number of shipments. They are just preventing a customer from cancelling until commitment term has ended. 

Trial period days and price (only applicable to the adhoc subscriptions) - sets the trial period with a price different from the regular price of the product. For more closer explanation about this feature, please see 👉 here

Step 3 - Additional Settings

On this step, you'll need to setup whether product is available for gifting and some other things. Please refer to individual explanation of every step in the text below.

Gifting - determines whether your customers will be able to gift a subscription to someone or that option will be disabled. For more on how gifting works, you can see 👉 here

Setup fee - declared whether your customers will be charged a one time setup fee straight after the checkout (this fee is completely separate and independent from the regular subscription price and will not recur along with the subscription). 

Pre-order end date - sets a pre-order end date if applicable for your product. For more info on this functionality please see 👉 here

Step 4 -  Survey

On this step, you can simply choose from a drop-down menu which survey (if any) would you want to attach to this product you're creating. 

Note that you can skip this step if you wouldn't want any survey to be attached to the product. 

You can create a survey from here

We have plenty of articles on how to properly utilize surveys 👉 here