As of now, you're able to upgrade/downgrade plan for you customers from the admin side. Please use this feature with caution and respect 🐱‍👤

Changing a subscription plan

Now you can even change a subscription plan you're customers are on without them having to unsubscribe from one and resubscribe to the other product.

For example, you can switch customer who's on a monthly plan to the same product that's on the quarterly plan.

In order to do that, you will need to go to your Customers tab on your admin, enter specific customer's profile, go to Subscriptions tab and click on currently active plan as in the picture.

After that, you will be taken to the pop-up window where you can choose the new plan for your customer.

❗ You will only be able to switch customers to the plans that already have subscribers to it. With that being said, if you just created a subscription plan and it has 0 subscribers to it - you won't be able to switch existing customers to it until someone subscribes to it.

Please note that customer won't be able to do this by him/herself on his side, this is only possible to be done on merchant side as of now.