At this moment, we offer a direct integration with Shipstation or with Pirate Ship for shipping purposes. However, plenty of our customers are opting to use other services for fulfillment (some of the most common are Royal Mail, Shippo...). This is how you can use those in conjunction with your Subbly store. 

In order to use external fulfillment center, you will have to make advantage of our export tool and use that CSV to import and print shipping labels from the admin of service of your preference. 

You should follow the steps below 👇

  • go to your Orders section of your Subbly admin and export your orders CSV as explained here
  • go to your preferred service's admin and opt to import your orders CSV 
  • ship imported orders by printing shipping labels from external service's admin
  • get back to your Subbly admin and mark shipped orders as shipped manually from your Orders section (you can either mark each shipment manually or you can bulk mark selected orders by clicking on the appropriate button 😉).

❗ Please note that, by default, sending an order will automatically send out an Order Shipped notification email from here. If you wouldn't want your customers to be informed about sending this order out please make sure to disable it. 

That should do it! 👦 For a more streamlined and automated solution, we're working on integrating with PirateShip directly as we speak.