As of now, Stripe is the only payment processor supported by Subbly and connecting Stripe to your Subbly is integral and mandatory part of the onboarding process on Subbly.

How to connect Stripe account to Subbly?

In order to connect your Subbly to working Stripe account, you need to only follow the link indicated on your Subbly's dashboard main page, as in the picture below 👇

You will be taken to a page where you can open new Stripe account if you already don't have one. You just need to fill in all of the required fields to create a working Stripe account. 

❗ If you already have a working Stripe account and you don't need to create another one, make sure to use the login prompt from the Stripe window to login into your account on Stripe and to automatically connect it to your Subbly.

How to change Stripe account associated with your Subbly store?

Changing Stripe account which is connected to your Subbly store is possible, however, please be advised that this solution has many drawbacks to it and it's strongly recommended that you don't do this, especially after you have active subscribers on your Subbly store ❗

Changing Stripe account will affect the following:

  • if you have active subscribers on your store, those will be lost and will have to resubscribe as you won't be able to migrate them from one Stripe account to the other
  • you will have to recreate your subscription products after change of the account on Stripe
  • in addition to this, there are many other edge case scenarios and unforeseen problems that can stem out of this and due to complexity of integration between Subbly and Stripe

However, if you're still determined to continue with changing your Stripe account connected to your Subbly, make sure to follow these steps:

  • login to your Stripe account
  • go to Settings section
  • go to Authorized Apps and revoke access to Subbly from there
  • go back to your Subbly admin and refresh
  • if the Stripe account has been properly disconnected, you should be able to see the warning prompt on the homepage of your admin informing you that you need to connect Stripe to your Subbly, so you can just follow with the instructions listed in the previous section above ☝

As always, let us know if you have any questions! 😎