Although we tend to automate everything on the back end and to provide a graceful solution that you guys can set to forget, at times there comes a need for you to run a manual charge and create an adhoc order on your customer's account. This is how you do it on Subbly 👇

Running a manual charge

General rule of thumb on Subbly is that a charge on customer's account should automatically create an order for that customer.

However, if you're wanting to run a manual (adhoc) charge on your customer's account without it creating an order on your Subbly dashboard, you can do that from your Stripe account (in this case, you don't have to do anything on Subbly). 

What you need to do is the following:

  • login to your Stripe account
  • search for the customer's subscription by email
  • scroll down to the Invoices section and choose to Create Invoice as in the picture below 👇

❗ Please note that this won't create an automated order inside your Subbly dashboard! It will just run an adhoc charge on your customer's profile. 

How to manually create an order on Subbly?

Note that this is different from the above because it will create an order for a customer in question and with associated charge or without it (you can run a $0 charge if you want to simply create an order without charging a customer actually). 

In order to create an adhoc order for a customer make sure that you access specific customer profile from the Customers tab of your Subbly admin, navigate over to Orders tab and choose to add New Order as in the picture below 👇

On a window that's about to pop up, you can declare how much will the customer be charged for this order. If you don't want to run an associated charge, you can leave that field with a $0 value. 

Few points worth mentioning:

  • order will be generated as a 1-time order and will be immediately visible on your Subbly admin, with shipping date correlating with the date manual order was generated
  • charge will be immediately deducted from customer's account (with no applicable shipping fees or taxes)
  • you will be able to subsequently change the shipping date from order view