Currently our pricing includes the following:

  • A monthly service fee of either $19/mo or $39/mo depending on your plan.
  • Subbly transaction fee of 1%
  • Payment processor's transaction fee

Please note you will also need to pay a transaction fee for your payment processor. As we're currently working exclusively with Stripe, you can see their pricing and associated transaction fees here

Paid Add-Ons

Cart abandonment is a paid add-on priced at additional $19/mo

We also offer a white labeled solution priced at additional $19/mo.

Automations are also a paid add-on feature priced at $29/mo.  

If the customer is referred using our refer-a-friend marketing tool, then there is an additional transaction fee of 5%, instead of regular 1% 💰 Note that transaction fee of 5% relates to every transaction taken on behalf of customer's account who was initially acquired through usage of referral tool. 

We do believe that this is fair as we don't charge fixed monthly fee for the referral tool, and we only take additional transaction fee if you actually get subscribers from using the feature 😉


Let's take an example (using Stripe) where your customer pays you $10.

Subbly's fee: 10¢ (1%)
Stripe's fee: 59¢ (2.9% + 30¢)
Total fee: 69¢
You're left with $9.31 🤑