Did you know that your subscribers are able to skip a shipment on their subscription? This will make it super easy for you to retain your customer's subscriptions and to reduce churn since your subscribers won't need to cancel their subscription entirely 👌 Find all the questions related to skipping functionality on Subbly below 👇

First things first, if you don't want your customers to be able to skip a payment (and pause their subscription) please note that you can always enable/disable skipping option on your store from here by simply toggling the appropriate switch. 

Furthermore, you can set minimum number of payments before customer is eligible for skipping. 

Please note that setting a value of 0 would mean that your customers will be able to skip from the very start of their subscription. 

Value you input here does not represent number of months a customer is skipping. If your customer is charged once a year, setting the value of would mean that customer would be able to skip a payment after he is through 2 payments, which would be equal to 2 years of his/her subscription. 

How customers skip/pause a payment?

Customers can manage their subscription and skip a payment from their customer login area. Please see the following video to see what they need to do in order to pause their subscription 👇

Important considerations

  • As of now, customers are able to skip max to 2 months in a row
  • Regardless of the billing period they're currently on, when they choose to skip a payment, they will only prolong  it to a month or two (and not skip entire year of payments if they are on a yearly plan, for example). 
  • After the new renewal date has been reached, customer will be moved to the new billing and shipping period which will correspond to the new renewal date.
  • If customer has outstanding invoice, he/she won't be able to skip a payment until the invoice is resolved.