Given that we're 247 working on introducing new and upgrading old features/functionalities on Subbly, there might come to a situation where some of the old features will sunset to make some room for new ones 😉

This happens when we develop and are about to deploy new functionality in place of an old one that's currently in place on our platform. Here's how we handle these transitions 👇

Feature/functionality that's about to be replaced or discontinued in the near future would be labeled with a deprecated label on Subbly admin. This means the following: 

  • feature is about to either be replaced with the new, more advanced, functionality or Subbly is going to discontinue providing service in question
  • during the time when service is deprecated, we will be providing a limited support for it 
  • this also means that we won't be updating the feature during the deprecated state and will honor only major updates to it

How we communicate when the feature is deprecated?

Subbly will send email notifications in set time periods when some functionality is about to sunset. Oftentimes, emails will be sent 3 months, 2 months, a month, a week and 24 hours before the actual revert/sunset of the feature. 

You might be liking the feature we're about to deprecate or discontinue, but don't worry 😊 We'll make sure to provide another, better, solution for you 😉