Creating coupons and coupon giveaways was never easier 😎 On Subbly, you can create both 💲 or % coupons. See here how.

To start creating coupons make sure that you're logged in to your admin, go here, and click on Create a Coupon button as in the image below. 

You will be taken to the Stripe panel where you can create your coupon. 

❗ Note that, in order to be able to create coupons, you first need to have Stripe account connected to your Subbly, so make sure that Stripe is properly connected first!

To start of, you will need to provide a name/ID for the coupon, and make sure that you provide it in both of the top fields so Stripe doesn't generate some random coupon for your customers. 

Also, you can set whether coupon is going to deduct % discount or to apply certain $$$ discount to customer's subscription. 

Going further, you will need to set the duration of the coupon. Duration value actually determines for how many shipping periods will the coupon be redeemed after it's bee applied on the checkout.

You can also set limits on by what date should the coupon be redeemed or how many customers will actually be able to redeem the coupon after it expires 🎫

You can also see here for more clarity on how to create coupons.

How to redeem coupon on the checkout?

Once created, your coupons will be redeemable on the checkout. In order to apply coupon while on the checkout, customers will need to do the following 👇


Are coupons applicable to one-time products as well?

Yes, they are 😊

Can I limit coupon usage per product?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. All coupons created and active on your store are applicable and can be used on all product checkouts. 

My coupons are not working on the checkout..

Please make sure that you inputted coupon ID when creating them on Stripe properly. If you did, make sure that coupons didn't expire due to limited # of coupon usage initially setup.