Every website is unique and everyone creating a website has different requirements when it comes to components they need in order to build their perfect website. With that in mind, Subbly developed a wide range of site Elements that can be combined into Blocks.

Sometimes you are short of time and would love to have everything prearranged for you so that you don't deal with stuff like the page layout and simple things like the distance between every single element or the way they are actually positioned on your page.


That's exactly where the Blocks section comes in handy! 🙃

Adding existing block

To Add the block, just drag and drop it to the desired section on the canvas.

Here and now, you're all set to start editing the chosen block! 

Just hover over the Block and hit the three dots in the upper left corner to get started. You can upload a Background Image or embed a Video URL to have an eye-catching background design.


Block Settings

The settings enable changing the Column Alignment in Mobile View as well as managing the Visibility Settings. Device Visibility can be set to Always visible, Visible on Mobile, Desktop to Tablet only. Whereas, Location Visibility allows you to set visibility for a particular Country, City or IP. 

The same way, you can manage the Visibility Settings of the Blocks on your website. 

All you need to do is go to the Block Settings, click Edit Block and make the desired changes accordingly.


Choose to Hide the block from the public eye or Save a specific one.


To do so just move to Block Settings again and hit Save as Block. It will be stored in the Blocks section and will be ready to be added to your pages on all the websites under your account on Subbly.  


Alternatively, you may press and hold the Ctrl+C key while dragging and dropping the desired block on the canvas to have it duplicated. 

You can also change the Order of the Blocks by dragging and dropping them around. To do so just hover over the desired block and drag it from the 3 dots that appear in the upper left corner.


You can also remove it completely hitting the Trash icon, easy as that.


Make sure to check on the other articles that we have related to Visibility settings 👀

Any questions❓ Just let us know in the chat.