Let us introduce you to the Integrations App, where you'll be able to quickly connect with one of the applications we currently integrate with. 😉

Google Analytics enables tracking your site's visitors easily with the help of Google Analytics Tracking ID.
You'll find this article pretty helpful while getting started!

Zapier is perhaps the most powerful cross-integration tool that you can use for your marketing! Utilizing zaps is absolutely essential for anyone serious about running a successful subbox đŸ”„

Zapier will let you integrate with 1000+ different apps and parse information directly from the Subbly checkouts to it. Checkout the whole list of possible integrations here

Check out ➡ this article ⬅ for more clarity on how to setup a Zapier integration. 

❗ Remember, cart abandonment functionality will enable 1 exclusive zap trigger for the abandon carts! This is not part of the standard plan but is a paid add-on ❗

Bablic is a neat translation tool that will enable you to localize the checkout experience and translating checkout pages the way you present them to your target audience 📃

Facebook Pixel is pretty much self-explanatory as it is and I do believe that there's not many of you who don't know the power and usability of FB Pixel 👩

ManyChat is really powerful marketing tool that enables you to create and setup your own FB Messenger bot in literally minutes and requires absolutely no coding skills!

❗ Please  note that integration with ManyChat is available only if you have cart abandonment add-on active on your Subbly account ❗