Content is the king, they say! So if you want to improve your site with powerful texts, simply navigate to the Elements section and add a Paragraph Element by dragging and dropping the ‘Paragraph’ icon to the canvas.

To edit the paragraph text, check out the previous instructions in the article dedicated to Title!  

I assume that you have already mastered all tips and tricks on how to work with the Paragraph element, haven’t you? But hey, that’s not the end.

Sometimes it’s useful to arrange information in a tabular format, allowing your site visitors to read and compare data at a glance. That’s where the Table option comes in handy. To Insert one, hit the ‘Table’ icon and set the size by moving the cursor over the grid until you highlight the number of columns and rows you want. It can contain up to ten columns and ten rows.

You can also change how the tables look on your Website by combining, splitting, or deleting table cells/rows/columns per click - simple as that.

Don't forget to hit the Mark icon to save your recent text changes.