Have an upcoming event that needs to be promoted on your website? Check out Eventbrite, an amazing event organizing platform that makes creating, promoting, and managing all your events simpler than ever. In order to properly use this element on your website, you will need to have active account with Eventbrite.

Just find the Eventbrite element on the Elements section on the sidebar and drag and drop it wherever you want it to appear on your site. 

How to set up an event?

Following instructions relate to setting up an event on Eventbrite's admin. These are not to be done on Subbly website builder!

Now, simply create an event on Eventbrite, customize its design, details, description, etc. and move to the next step to advertise and promote your event to the world! 

Once you've created an event on your Eventbrite account, you can add it to your page in no time at all.

Just move to Create Advert in the upper right corner and edit, design and manage it. Make sure to customize it so the event matches your websites overall look and feel.

No let's click Manage, move to Invite & Promote section on the left panel > Website Integrations to get the Code to implement it to your Subbly website.

Here and now, you'll find different options that you can choose from to display your event on your page.

Do you prefer it to be showcased as a separate Event, a Calendar, Countdown or a Text Link? Your choice!

Choose one of the options below or hit 'Show Me' to get the appropriate code.
It may be a button or the full event content.

Move to 'Embed Code' and simply copy the code in the box that's generated and paste it to the field accordingly.   

Once pasted, click 'Embed Code' and the fresh event will appear on your page! 

Now you're free to make further changes to the event the way you prefer and they will automatically be saved on your Subbly website. You can even customize the color scheme of the widget to match your site's color scheme.

You can also change the Widget Code along with the Element Alignment, Visibility or simply 'Remove' it easily by clicking on it and choosing the desired option.

So don't waste your time and make the most out of this fantastic integration! 

Make sure to check all the useful features and Elements available on Ucraft and always know we're just a step away whenever you need help. 

Just hit the Chat box in the lower right corner if you have any questions!