We won't waste much words explaining why getting customer feedback and listening to your customers is essential for success of your business. If you want to get 💲 out of their pockets, you should give them what you need. And you won't know what they need, if you're not willing to listen 👂 to them. 

Subbly suggests making use of the integration with Typeform as one of the best online survey tools that will cover all your needs in a brilliant way. The online customer survey may be easily customized to host any type of question due to a great number of question types and configuration options.

Here’s how to make it happen instantly 👇

  • Go to Typeform  and sign up for it.

  • Click “Create new Typeform”.
  • There are two options available here: “Start from Scratch” or use a “Predesigned template” (that you can fully customize).
  • Let’s go with the first. Choose a name and language for your Form.
  • You’re all set to add questions now.
  • First and foremost, write a welcome message, logo, image, etc. to drive your site visitors to start the survey.
  • Choose a question type from the options on the left and drag and drop it to the second field.
  • Pick the types that best suit your expectations and cover your needs: from text input to yes or no questions and ratings.
  • Add a custom Thank you message to the blue field to sum it up.
  • Once you’ve done with "Building the survey", we can move to the "Design tab" to pick a color palette, font and a background image for your questions. Make Sure it fits your Subbly website overall design.

What’s up next?

Some important configurations for your Typeform. You’ll find this Video Tour pretty helpful.

Looks like you're all set to share your newly created Typeform and embed it on your Subbly website 😎

  • Copy the unique URL as mentioned in the field above.
  • Time to navigate back to your Subbly website builder. 
  • Choose Typeform element from the Elements section to the left.
  • Simply drag and drop it to the desired area on your page where you'll want the form to appear.

  • Paste the copied URL to the Enter Typeform URL field now!

That’s it! The form you’ve created will automatically appear on your website. Cool, right? 😀


We simply though we should drop some quick knowledge on how to best structure your questionnaire 😃

  • First things first! Keep the questions short, don’t take too much of your customers’ precious time. 
  • Ask exactly what you need to know, don’t make the online survey twisted or vague.  
  • Be careful with the approach to the survey questions, make your site visitors want to answer them rather than have to. Like in case you need to ask UX/ tech questions to non-technical people, change the formulation or add a rate bar, so that your users don’t have to give answers but rather estimate how they feel about it.
  • Create a cordial vibe around the survey, let your customers know that you care and will get back to them.
  • Keep it personal: add a note saying that you’d appreciate the time spent on fulfilling the survey. Let the customer feel special by sending them a Thank you message or a timely personal Email response back. (make sure to add a Email field, too.)
  • Make your audience feel real, exclude any kinds of robot-like or test queries.
  • Add smart, open-ended questions.
  • Experiment with the inquiries to reach the best results.