There are numerous ways how you can get in touch with our friendly customer support team if you're in need of some help or you just need company when you're setting up your store on Subbly or browsing through our site's pages 💻 See what works best for you!

Knowledge Base

If you're setting your store up on Subbly and you need some immediate help with some of the basic features and with the setup, make sure to check out our extensive knowledge base from some most common troubleshooting. 

Simply feel free to type in the search field if you're having problem with something in particular and it will probably return some useful articles as result 😉

Some of the most commonly searched articles 👇

Chat Widget

As you may have already noticed, there is a chat widget on the lower right corner of your Subbly admin which you can use to talk to one of our customer support agents (yup, a real person) 👦👱‍♀️

Here's how you do it:

❗ Usual response time is within a few hours, based on the workload we're currently handling and the availability of the support staff. Please do note, however, that we always reply to all your queries, so make sure to leave an email so you get notified about our answer


You can reach out by sending an email with your questions to [email protected] anytime. 📩


At this point, we don't offer phone support readily available to all customers 📞 but are working on employing more staff to the support section when we'll be able to offer this one as well!