You asked - we delivered! As of now, all USA, UK, Canada or Australia-based merchants on Subbly can have automatic tax calculator added on the checkout.

And it's easy as pie! All you have to do is to enable the tax settings for your store from this page.

Of course, make sure that your country settings are correctly set on your settings page. Also, make sure to list all the countries your store ship to from here.

How it works?

If tax settings are enabled on your Subbly admin, we will automatically do the hard work for you by making appropriate tax calculations on the checkout depending on your state of residence and the customer's location.

As you can see, we've improved final step of the checkout to include a list of states in the drop-down menu as seen in the picture below.

Since we handle all the logic for taxation rules based on location it is essential that the customer provides correct information about his country and state of residence on the checkout.

Tax will be added as a separate line item and will be visible on customer's receipt.

What about the existing customers?

If your tax settings are enabled this will affect your existing customers also.

If their address is not invalid (poor formed state names), taxes will be added to their subscriptions going forward.