Some people refer to this feature with different terminology. The guys at Bold use "Build-a-Box" which we quite like that name. Basically it means customers can build their own box and choose the products.

So just to be clear you can do a "Build-A-Box" subscription with Subbly's Survey Builder, and much more - it's really powerful ⚡️. The type of "question" you want to use is the "quantity" question when making your survey.

Check out our Survey Builder and implement your own Build-a-Box subscription sercice to let your customers choose their own products in their subscription box each month.

We're excited to see what you come up with with the box builder!

Thank you to Bold for dubbing this name (if they're reading, we hope they don't mind us referring to it as this to better explain our offering). I guess you could consider our survey builder as an alternative to Bold app's take on this which is also a great solution 👏 for merchants using Shopify.