Offering up-sells is perhaps one of the most efficient ways to increase your average order value and get more 💲 out of your customers' pockets 😉

Read on to find out how to offer additional items on the Subbly checkout through up-sells.

First of all, in order to be able to offer a bit extra on the checkout to your customers, you'll need to create a one-time product that you'll offer as an up-sell to the customer. 

After you've done that, you'll need to navigate here and to choose from the drop-down which one of the one-off items you've already created would you want featured as an up-sell item. 

Finally, make sure to include an appropriate sales pitch just to let your customers know why should they include the up-sell item to their cart 😉

Up-sell item (along with the caption) will be displayed and featured on the checkout right after the credit card input step.


Does up-sell item recur along with the subscription?

Nope. Up-sell item is just a one-off add-on and it won't recur along with the subscription your customer subscribed to ☝

If you'd want to offer your customer an option of a recurring add-on, you can simply utilize a survey builder functionality which will let them to add items to their box that will also recur along with the subscription. 

Find out everything about our build-a-box functionality here

Can I offer more than one product as an up-sell?

Unfortunately, this is not possible 😔 At this moment, you can offer only one product as an up-sell. 

Can I differentiate between products offered as an up-sell on different subscription product's checkouts?

Although we're aware that you might have a couple of different subscription products in your portfolio and that you might want to link different products offered as an up-sell to different subscriptions products, it's not yet a possibility 😔

Up-sell item you specified here will appear across the entire store and will be offered on all subscription products checkouts.