We spent 6 months completely re-designing and coding our checkout from scratch. We're super pleased with the end result and feedback. The new checkout is designed with your customers experience at front and centre and your success as the primary goal. All information on the changes can be found here.

However, here's some important notes about the new checkout:

  • The old language section is deprecated. You must use the Bablic integration in the Subbly App Store to translate the checkout
  • Custom javascript on the checkout may be broken. A small handful of customers had custom javascript added to their checkout to achieve some specific things. These are not officially supported any more due to the advanced complexity of the new checkout. Please contact support to come up with an alternative solution for this.
  • Checkout design page has been deprecated. We've attempted to migrate existing logos and colours to the new brand settings page in the settings section, but we recommend you go and upload a square logo.

We hope you love the new checkout as much as we do. We're passionate about making it the best subscription checkout experience. Feel free to give feedback here.