Zapier is a tool that connects the web. In short you can use Zapier to pass customer information from Subbly to any tool that works with Zapier. You can even set it up to SMS you when you get a new subscriber! 🔥

There are 3 events we send to Zapier:

  1. New Purchase: whenever a customer completes a successful checkout (resulting in a new subscription or one-time order).
  2. New Order: whenever a new order is generated from a subscription.
  3. Subscription Cancellation: whenever a customer cancels a subscription.

We will pass the customer name, email and related shipping address (apart from on cancellation event) to Zapier.

Setting Up Zapier

Setup is quite straight forward. You don't need to use all the above events.

  1. Click the invite link on the Zapier app on the Subbly App Store and you will be asked to accept the invite and can then connect with the Subbly Zapier app.
  2. You can then choose the event type (as described above). You will then be provided with a URL. Copy the URL and go back to the Zapier app in the Subbly App Store in your admin.
  3. Paste the URL in the related event field on the Zapier app settings panel.
  4. Set "enabled" to on and then click "Save".
  5. Return back to Zapier to complete the setup process of the Zap.

Please note: Subbly will only be able to support 1 zap per event as of just now while this app is in beta.