Although our service is predominantly used by merchants delivering physical product to the final customer, running digital product or service subscription is also possible, but to a certain compromise.

If you are thinking of offering digital product or a service to your customers, here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Setup your products as subscription based so visitors can subscribe to them.
  • Adjust the emails sent out to the customer upon registration using email template editorso they can reflect the true nature of their subscription (get rid of all the Order Shipped email notificationsYou are not shipping your product! :)
  • Your customers will still have to input shipping address when checking out but please disregard this as you will use the email address they provided.
  • Send out your digital product to their mailboxes or provide instructions on how service will be delivered.

Don't forget to make it crystal clear on how you will be dispatching products or providing service for your customers on product creation page, by filling in Shipping Description text box.

We are aware that this solution is not super user-friendly, and we are working on simplifying the process. If you would want us to introduce an easier version of this feature, please vote for it here.

Please note that Subbly still can’t support for member’s only areas of the site. Therefore, you can't run membership-based subscription service on Subbly. To introduce this feature, please go ahead and vote here.

Using Subbly as a payment firewall where customers can access certain content on your site only if they are paying customers is not possible at this moment 😳

We're looking into making changes so we support for digital and membership-only types of products in the near future. Stay tuned❗