Subbly gives you the ability to set up a list of countries to where you ship your products. Some of our merchants can provide for shipping outside their country of origin.

In order to list all countries where you ship your products please go to this page. You can add an infinite number of countries where shipping is available. Please refer to the following picture to see where to input data.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you must add your domestic country as well when adding countries where you ship to. If you don’t enter your country of origin, subscribers won’t be able to choose it when checking out.

Adding different (international) shipping countries will result in subscribers being able to choose their country of origin from drop-down menu on the checkout as in the picture.

This can come in handy when merchants charge different prices when shipping in their home country versus internationally. Choosing a different country from drop-down menu will result in differing shipping costs on the checkout if this feature is used. The shipping rates for both domestic (home country) and international shipping can be set on the product settings page, see below.