Adding terms to the checkout is possible and it's very easy to do so, especially given that we provide a ready made template if you don't want to bother with writing your own terms 😉

In order to add Terms and Conditions to your checkout for the customers to agree to when checking out on your products, you will need to:

  • Create and publish a separate page, either on Subbly builder from the Pages app (explained here) or by creating an external page which you'll link to your Subbly checkout (you can host it literally anywhere, it don't matter to us 😊)
  • Input unique URL to your T&C page in the appropriate field here.
  • Upon this, link to the terms and conditions will be added on the final step of the checkout for the customers to review before committing to a subscription. 

Simple as that!

Where to find store's default Terms?

Don't forget that, in order to save you a minute or two, Subbly does provide stock template for terms and conditions (that apply more or less to any subscription business). 

You can find it on the following link 👇 

Feel free to change as appropriate to better suit your business model or to simply copy and paste it entirely 😊😎

Once again, you will have to create your own page, and not just copy and paste this link to the Settings panel, as there are many things here referring to the provisional teststore (which is not the name of your store 😂)