It is possible for you to set up your subscription or one-time products to be available as gifts also. 😎

In order for your customers to be able to checkout on one of your products as a gift, make sure to enable the Gifting option on the product creation page when creating a product, as seen in the picture below. 👇

This will enable your customers to choose whether they would like to gift the subscription to someone else during the checkout flow. They can do this by toggling the This is a gift toggle on the checkout. 

If this is toggled ON, the customer will be able to choose when his/her gifting subscription will start, and for how long will it be active.

You'll know that specific customer has gifted the subscription to someone by a blue GIFT label beside customer's subscription on your Subbly admin. 


My customer just finished the checkout, why does it say that his/her subscription is already cancelled?

Please note that customer is able to set gifting subscription to cancel after 1 shipment. If they opted for this on the checkout, then his/her subscription will be automatically queued for cancellation after he/she has been billed on the checkout for 1st shipment. 👜

My customer completed the checkout but I don't see the order created on my Subbly admin?

Yes, this can come out as a result of a customer choosing a future date for his/her subscription to start. Please note that they are able to do that when gifting a subscription ☝

You can see the start date customer chose on the checkout by looking into customer's next renewal date on his/her profile within Customers tab. 

Not Started label also relates to this. When subscription is set to begin at some future date, this label will be visible on your admin beside customer's subscription. ❗

What happens if I set my monthly products to align with specific cut-off/rebilling dates dynamics? Will they still be able to choose a future date for the subscription to start?

In this case they will be given an option to choose a future date for their subscription to start, but they will be able only to choose those dates specifically intended for a renewal of a given product (1st or 15th of the month).

My customer stated preferences for the product when checking out. Why am I not able to see them?

This is due to the fact that customer's subscription didn't start yet. When the start date of the subscription is reached, you will be able to see the preferences as well. 

How to auto-enable gifting to the product checkout?

If you'd want for your checkouts to have This is a Gift option auto-enabled, you can do that as well by altering the checkout URL a bit 😉

What you need to do is to slightly alter the checkout URL to include ?gift=true at the end and that link will have the gifting option automatically turned on when customer visits the checkout. 

So, checkout URL will need to look like this 👇

XYZ is actually a product ID in this case, so just feel free to change that part. 

Can my customers leave a message to a gift recipient?

Yes, if gifting is turned to ON on the checkout, person checking out will be able to provide additional gift message to the gift recipient by inputting in the appropriate field. 

Content from this input field will be visible in the preferences tab of the order and visible on your admin.