You probably noticed that some of the orders on Orders tab have "Marked as Dispatched" or "Awaiting Delivery" label right next them. But what does it really mean?

Awaiting Delivery

In plain English this means "This order hasn't been shipped to the customer yet". This means that your order is waiting to be shipped to your customer. After a customer subscribes to your product, his card is charged and his order will appear in the orders page as awaiting delivery. It will change status after you print the shipping label on your Shipstation admin, or if you mark it as despatched on the order itself inside your Subbly admin.

Marked as Dispatched

In plain English this means "I have shipped this order to the customer already". This means that you successfully printed shipping labels on Shipstation or you have changed the status by clicking "Marked as Dispatched" on the order view. This will automatically change value if you are using Shipstation correctly, but if you are not you can change the order's status to “Marked as Dispatched” manually by going to a specific order slip and clicking on green "Mark As Dispatched" button on the upper right corner of the screen.