We've now revamped the design and looks of customer login area as per popular request! As of now, Subbly merchants have totally white labeled solution when it comes to login portal for your customers! šŸ˜ƒ


How can my customers login to their customer area?

If you used some of the Subbly themes to create your store, your customers should be able to login to their customer portal by clicking Login button on the navigation bar.

If you've disabled Login button somewhere along the way and removed it from the navbar, make sure to add it back from here.

If you're using your own web design and you just embedded Subbly product checkouts to it, then you might want to code separate Login button which will redirect to the login page for customer area.

In that case, you will need to use this URL:


with STORESLUG being the unique URL of your store created on Subbly.

Additionally, you can obtain your unique login link to your store's customer login area from here, like in the picture below.

How do they change their CC info?

In order to change their CC info, once inside their customer portal, they will need to:

  • Click on Manage button under the subscription on the homepage like in the picture:
  • Then choose to edit billing details on the subsequent window:

How can they cancel their subscription?

If, for some reason, your customers want to cancel their subscription entirely, šŸ˜¤ they will need to do the following:

  • Click on Manage button once inside their customer portal:
  • Click on Subscription Settings on the bottom right corner of the screen:
  • Click on Cancel My Subscription and click Confirm:

How customers skip/pause their subscription?

In order to simply skip a payment (or to prolong it for a month or 2) customer will need to follow first 2 steps like when they need to cancel subscription (see above) which will ultimately lead them to the page where they can opt for pausing their subscription:

After that, they will be prompted whether they'd like to skip 1 or 2 payments:

As always, we are open for any feedback from you! We truly hope that you like the looks of brand new login area on Subbly. šŸ˜Ž