On Subbly, you can upload images in many different places easily. For example, you can upload background images for different sections on your store front, you can upload a logo image or you can upload an image of the individual products, pages and blog posts you create and more.

Most of these customisations on your active theme are conducted through website builder.

Uploading a logo image

If you want to upload logo to your store header, you’ll have to hover over the logo where you will see a button appear over it. Click it to open the image editor.

Note that you can customize height of your logo image from "Global Settings" menu on your left.

Please be advised that there is a limit to the height of the logo set by the input. Setting height of the logo above this value may result in breaking page and may cause problems with further customization and object positioning on the page.

Uploading a background image

You can upload a background image to your header on your store front by following similar steps as when uploading a logo image. Head over to and click the upper left corner button on your header in the website editor and click "upload an image" to upload image from your hard drive. You can also upload images from Google search, and your social media!

Note that you can edit background images and colors on most sections of your store front, when you hover each section you'll see buttons appear for the related section, you can click these buttons to perform the desired actions.

Note that you can also change the colour of background on your header from the same menu if you prefer that instead of an image.

It is advisable that your header image doesn’t contain text, logos or any contact information since the picture can come be slightly cropped when viewed on displays of different dimensions. This would result in the text being difficult to read. Use other parts of the website editor to supplement text and contact info, and use the logo for the logo as it is coded to always display correctly.

Uploading a product image

You can upload your product’s image on Product Creation page. Once uploaded the images will automatically appear on your Subbly store.

Please note that all images exceeding file size limit of 2mb need to be resized prior to uploading and setting up as product image on Subbly. Also, .jpg and .png are allowed extensions.

Uploading image on blog or page

When editing or creating a page or blog post, you can also upload images. Just click on the image uploader in the editor, then input the URL (if it's online already) or choose one from your computer.