Keeping up a sufficient quantity of inventory and products has proven to be a challenging task. Unfortunately, the ability to manage the quantity of products and marking a product as "out of stock" is not yet possible on Subbly 😥. This feature is on the roadmap so please go ahead and vote for it here if you would love to see it live soon on Subbly.

Luckily enough, there is a neat work around on this.

So, if you're fresh out of stock on given product and you wouldn't want your customers to be able to subscribe/checkout on particular product, you can simply turn product's visibility OFF from product profile like in the picture below 👇

That way, you will prevent all potential customers from subscribing to this product by hiding it from your store front. Besides, you can always enable the product once you have it back on stock 😉

Update ❗ We're now officially in closed BETA testing phase for a brand new inventory tracking tool on Subbly that will ultimately resolve setting a quantity limit for your products. Make sure to follow our changelog in order to stay informed on when we introduce this feature.