Google Analytics allows for detailed tracking of your visitors on your website. If you want to add Google Analytics to your website and checkout, it's really easy with our new app in the Subbly App Store.

Setting up GA in the App Store

Note that setting up GA in the App Store directly will add the GA script in your store front's header (so you can keep track of your site visits and customer's behavior on your pages) and to the checkout (you'll see how many of your customers have exited to the checkout, ie., initiated the checkout itself).

If you're wanting to set the conversion tracking for your checkouts, you should add one more step as explained further below in the text 👇

1. Copy your Google Property ID from your GA account

Go to your Admin panel on your Google Analytics account.

Then navigate to the property panel and copy your ID.

2. Paste the ID into the Google Analytics app in the Subbly App Store

3. Enable the app and click save

Adding conversion tracking through Google Analytics

As explained previously, integrating with GA will not keep track of your actual conversions. In order to be able to track conversions through GA, you'll need to go through one more simple step. 😉

It's simple really, all that you have to do is to grab your conversion event code from Google Analytics and copy it altogether here

You should be set now 💯

Setting up cross-domain integration with GA

If you're using a custom domain (which is highly recommended) and you've connected it to your Subbly store already, you will notice that your product checkouts are still hosted on Subbly URL's. This could present a problem for the tracking you have set on your site because changing domains will break the tracking once customers proceed to the checkout which is hosted on another domain. 

Luckily, this can be handled easily by setting up cross-domain tracking with the Google Analytics 😎

Main topics that you should address in the help document above are related to setting up reporting views and adding filters, as well as adding domains to the referral exclusion list.