Subbly has an integration with ShipStation which makes handling shipping a breeze!

But first let's understand how it works and what it does.

ShipStation – What is it?

Shipstation is a platform that makes it super easy to generate shipping labels and to connect with multiple shipping providers (carriers) like USPS for example.

Once your orders are inside ShipStation you can get quotes from the connected carriers for shipping based on the address and the product and you can pick the best rate to then generate a shipping label. It also comes with other advanced features like metrics and statistics to help your fulfilment team run a smooth operation.

ShipStation can also help bridge the gap between your Subbly store and a 3PL or 3rd party fulfilment centre if you have decided to outsource this

ShipStation charge a monthly fee based on your volume of shipments.

Subbly strongly recommend using ShipStation. It also allows connecting multiple sales sources from other online selling platforms to one place.

The full circle – How it works

Once you have successfully signed up to ShipStation and connected your store to ShipStation you will have a full circle integration. The flow works like this:

  1. Your orders due for shipment or that are coming up are pulled into your ShipStation account and appear in the orders section. This will show information about the customer and the product and their customisations that they have selected all in one place.
  2. Once your are ready to ship you can select the orders you want to ship all at once and then generate shipping labels based on the current rates from your connected carriers.
  3. Once the labels are successfully generated ShipStation will notify Subbly that your order has been shipped.
  4. Subbly will automatically mark the relevant order as shipped
  5. Subbly will email your customer to notify them that their order is on the way. If there is any available tracking information, we will send that to your customer as well.

So as you can see this closes the fulfilment loop and makes it easy for you to run your business and automate the whole process of shipping using both Subbly and ShipStation together.

If you have any questions about this integration please don't hesitate to ask.

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