We've already spoke about how the ShipStation integration works here. Now let's talk about how to set it up. This is a multi-step guide.

Step 1 - Signup or login to ShipStation

If you haven't already, sign up for ShipStation, if you have then go ahead and login.

Step 2 - Grab your connection details from Subbly

Head on over to your Subbly App Store here, scroll down to find Shipstation in the app list and click on Open button below it. You will want to keep this page open to copy the credentials later.

Step 3 - Connect ShipStation to Subbly

There are a few steps here.

Go to your ShipStation settings (at the top left).

Click on "Selling Channels".

Click "Connect Store" and search for "Custom".

Copy your credentials over from Step 2 and then click "Test Connection". Leave the Statuses section as it is.

If your connection test is successful, go ahead and click "Connect".

Now choose a name for your Store and save it.

Awesome, you're connected. You can now synchronize your Subbly store to ShipStation any time clicking the following. But it should do it automatically periodically for you.

Step 4 - Check your orders

Just to make sure it's working, head over to your Orders tab. It should start populating with orders now (if you have any pending).

Then click on the left hand side to see orders "Awaiting Shipment" and then on the custom store name you just created. This is where you will be able generate shipping labels.

And you're done!! 😊

If you need any help, just let us know!


Why am I not seeing my Subbly orders in Shipstation?

Please refer to this article here

Is using Shipstation mandatory if I'm using Subbly? Can I use other shipping services?

No, using Shipstation is not mandatory at all although is recommended for a more streamlined solution. You'll still be able to use other shipping integrations we provide (such as PirateShip) or you can use literally any shipping service of your preference as you'll be able to export your orders in CSV and use that CSV to import to your shipping service for fulfillment. See here for more clarity.