You maybe want to allow your customers to pre-order your product, so you can have your customers in line once you decide to open your store officially? No problem! Here is how you can do it on Subbly.

1. Head over to subscription product creation page

2. Set a recurring price for your product


Note: you can also charge a one-time setup fee for your subscription products. If you charge this then set it now.

3. Set the pre-order end date, when billing will begin


4. Click on “Create Product’’ and you’re good to go!

How pre-ordering works in practice?

In order to understand pre-order mechanics, here is a simple example of how it works:

  • Subscription product is set live on May 15, with pre-order end date set to June 1;
  • Customer pre-orders product on May 20, no billing occurs (except if there is a setup fee, which will be charged immediately);
  • Customer is billed automatically on June 1 and the product is due for shipment;
  • Your customer will be re-billed on the same day each month after that.

Important Information

  1. If your product has setup price (one-time payment that is billed to customer only once, when he subscribes to the product), setup price will be billed to the customer the moment he pre-orders the product (May 20 in previous example).
  2. If you are setting specific re-billing dates and shipping dates, please choose your pre-order end date to match the same re-billing day that you choose.