How to run a test checkout?

You can test the checkout flow easily by navigating to the products section here and clicking the Preview Checkout from the drop-down menu on the right. This will load the checkout in test mode and will not actually charge your card in the end (nor will it generate an order on your Subbly admin.

If you want to send a test checkout link to someone, you can do that by adding ?test=true to the end of the unique checkout URL for a given product. 

Remember, each product you create on Subbly has a unique checkout URL which can be accessed from the product page and can be found inside the Checkout URL field as in the picture 👇

In the example above, a test checkout URL will be the following 👇

How to test a customer login area?

Seeing the full experience of the customer login area requires you to actually checkout instead of using test mode as described above.

That said, you'll first need to have active subscribers on your store in order to be able to see the customer login area the way they see it đź‘€

You can access (and ultimately manage) each customer profile and subscription from the Customers tab on your admin. Once inside the customer profile, click on Login as Customer button and you'll be taken straight into subscription portal of a customer in question.

Be super careful as everything you change once inside the customer login area will actually reflect changes on the customer's subscription âť—

We call this admin mode or a God mode.

Make sure to read about the customer login area here