Data export is now possible bot through Orders or Customers section of your Subbly dashboard. Data will be exported in the CSV file which you can use to further manage exported data. 

Exporting orders list

You can export your orders lists (of both pending orders or already shipped orders) from the Orders panel of your admin (click here). 

After applying appropriate filters to the list, make sure to click on the Action > Export CSV button in the top right corner of the screen as in the picture below 👇

Exporting customers list

If you want to export your customers list instead, you can head over to the Customers section (click here). 

After applying appropriate filters (you can filter between active/inactive customers or you can filter them by customer's tags 😉), you can run an export by clicking on Export CSV button on the top right corner of the screen. 

Exporting transactions

As of introduction of the Billing Engine version 2, you are now able to seamlessly export your previous transactions in CSV. This is very important as you are now able to export taxes as the separate column which will make tax reporting pretty much straightforward. 

In order to export transactions' CSV, you need to go here on your admin, select the date span for the transactions you're wanting exported and click on Export CSV 👇

This will download the CSV for the date span selected to your hard drive which you can now use to import into any service of your preference for further use 📝 


Can I add columns to the CSV's?

Unfortunately, this is not possible 😟 If you're wanting to suggest adding some more columns in the CSV please make your suggestion here