One-time products are just normal one time purchase products which your customer pays for once and receives once.

You can use this for increasing your revenues for customers who aren't ready to subscribe yet or customers who want to try your subscription box without committing, or for up-selling your existing subscribers.

They're really easy to use. You just set a price and then it will appear on your "Store" page. If the "store" link is not appearing on your website then please visit the navigation editor to enable it. 

If you signed up before 19th December 2016

If you signed up to Subbly before December 19th 2016 you will need to do this to show the Store link. Otherwise you can reach your store by using replacing YOURDOMAIN with your URL for your Subbly store.

Also your pricing plan won't include one-time purchases, therefore a 3% transaction fee applies to all one-time purchases. You can reduce the transaction fee by choosing a new plan which we launched when we launched one-time products.

This feature is still in beta. Please let us know if you have any questions about it or have any feedback.