If you're on a trial, you can cancel your trial easily.

If you're a paying customer you will need to do the following.

  1. Go to the plans page once you login.
  2. Find this section at the bottom of the page.https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/8Vo2HLhmi4gwFsxjYS0KP5AHta7k606-siFhC6yB9Uc/WFBTAuPvoseGsp2yJ2tfRXb2iI5MLU0JMSUP3I2T0hQ/Untitled-BDo.png
  3. Click the "Contact Us" link and tell us why you'd like to cancel.

Why Do We Require This?

It's simple, the reason we ask you to contact us to cancel is because shutting down a store is a little complex, the reason for this is that the nature of subscription is that it's recurring and often there is upcoming orders which are paid for but not visible in your orders section yet. To be fair to the customers we need to notify you of what the implications are of you closing your shop. Additionally it gives us valuable feedback so we can improve our platform for the future.

We do not cancel the subscriptions on your behalf. You must do this yourself (via the Stripe admin) to make sure your customers are kept happy. We also highly recommend you notify any customers before doing this ❗