How do I collect email addresses from my visitors? (Using Sumo)

If you're looking to collect email addresses from your websites visitors we recommend looking into adding Sumo to your site which is free. Sumo is a marketing tool that can be added to your site. All you need to do is enable the specific app that you want to use to collect emails, they have different types (popup, screen take over, exit pop up, etc). it's highly effective and you can configure the design to match your brand.

Our themes include a native integration with Sumo so you can enable the widgets on your site to begin collecting email addresses from your visitors so you can start marketing to them to convert them to customers.

You can then connect your Sumo account to your email service provider to automatically add the new emails to your email marketing platform of choice, however you need to pay to upgrade for this feature. Otherwise you can just frequently download the CSV list for free.

How to add Sumo

1. Login to your Sumo account and get the Site ID

2. Copy your Site ID into your Theme Settings

Go to the website builder and navigate to the Global > Integrations & Javascript section and paste your Site ID into the Sumo ID field and click save.

How to edit your Sumo settings

Load up your website in the browser by clicking preview. Then click the blue tab at the top right and it will show you the settings page.

Do not do this in the website editor. You can also do this within the Sumo website if you prefer.

Important Information

Please note if you add the widget and enable a "take over" email collector like the Welcome Mat, you may have troubles seeing your website to edit it in the website editor as it will cover your website. To avoid this, configure your website with Sumo disabled and then turn it back on afterwards.