How do I create coupons?

In order to create coupons on Subbly you will have to go to this page, and then click on ‘’Create Coupon’’ button.


Afterwards, you will be redirected to Stripe dashboard where you can create coupons to give away to your customers.

Setting up your coupon in Stripe

Here are the directions once you enter Stripe:

You can create multiple coupons using the following form.

You will be able to choose:

  • A fixed amount discount or;
  • A percentage discount;
  • The duration of the coupon (will it be usable only once or will it last for couple of billing cycles?);
  • Maximum number of redemptions (good for running social network campaigns);
  • An expiration date of the coupon (by entering a cut-off date after which redemption of coupon won’t be possible).


In order to use your coupon and to apply it on your Subbly checkout, customers will have to enter coupon code prior to checkout by clicking the link highlighted on the picture.

Side Note: As of just now now, coupons can only be made and utilized for subscription based products, not for one-time products. If you'd like to please vote for this feature here.