How do I collect information from customers?

It's possible to collect information and preferences from your customers when they subscribe to your store.

We call this "Product Survey Questions" and you can find it on the product settings page where you create and edit products.

Question Types

You are able to create multiple questions of different types and configure the answers allowed based on the question types. The question types you can ask include the following:

  • Text: you can allow customers to input text. This is good if you're asking them questions like what their general preferences are.
  • Select: you can allow customers to choose 1 answer from a list of many in the form of a drop down. This is perfect if you only allow 1 answer from a list of many. Also can be useful for getting customers to agree to terms and conditions by making them choose "Yes" to accept them. (Contact us if you do require this as we offer terms & conditions acceptance as a hidden feature).
  • Multiple Choice: you can allow your customers to choose multiple answers from a list of many. With this type you can limit the number of answers to a maximum number.

Once questions and answers have been created for the product you will be able to see the survey / questionnaire appear during checkout or on your store, allowing your customers to customise their subscription. Here's an example:

Other Options


You can make questions be required by the customer so they have to fill it out to subscribe.

Additional Info

You can provide more guidance on how to answer the question by providing an explanation in this field.

Important Information

As of just now, once your product has subscribers you will not be able to modify the survey questions, up until then they will be able to modify them. However, your customers will be able to change their answers any time they login.

As of writing, we do not currently offer product survey questions for one-time product, but you can vote for that  here.