What does the customer login area look like?

Please refer to the following image below to see how the customer login area currently looks like. Note that this is screenshot from our test customer account so there are many ongoing subscriptions on it. It is most probable that there will be only 1 subscription active on this screen for most customers.

What the customer can do

Things customers can do from inside their customer login area are the following:

  • Change their shipping address
  • Change their basic settings (name etc.)
  • Cancel their subscription
  • Change credit card and payment details associated with their account
  • Change preferences of their subscription box (if there is a customer survey implemented by merchant)
  • Skip payment for a billing cycle or 2 (if they for some reason want to skip next payment and box, but they don’t want to unsubscribe entirely).

Note: We're in the process of re-designing the customer login area (vote on it here to boost it's priority). We're going to make the experience more branded (vote on whitelabeling here) to your business. We're very excited about this!